Farmer's Cooperative Co.--St. Mary - Executive Summary

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Farmer's Cooperative Co. of Waverly, Ne and its affiliated branches are submitting this Risk Management Plan relating to our Anhydrous Ammonia facilities.  Our company has always strived to maintain and exceed the requirements of the regulations governing Anhydrous Ammonia if possible.The Risk Management Plan is designed to help prevent and/or deal with accidental releases of extremely hazardous chemicals, in our case Anhydrous Ammonia.  Farmer's Cooperative Co. and all of it's branch locations have had a very good record in regards to the safe handling and prevention of accidental releases of Anhydrous Ammonia.  None of our locations have ever had a release of Anhydrous Ammonia above the threshold levels.  This is due to our efforts to focus on prevention, timely maintenance, and proper training of our employees.  Farmer's Cooperative Co. and our branch locations have made every effort to stay in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations which govern the storage and handlin 
gof Anhydrous Ammonia.  We also thoroughly train our employees, with both formal classroom training and hands-on training, so that they safely handle and know how to deal with emergency situations should an accidental release occur.  We have also established an emergency response plan to handle any accidental release of Anhydrous Ammonia.  Our employees who handle Anhydrous Ammonia are trained and have the necessary skills to deal with any unexpected accident.  We have also contracted with Site Response Services of Lincoln, Ne. to assist in dealing with a release of Anhydrous Ammonia should we require more assistance.  Farmer's Cooperative Company and its branch locations believe that our Risk Management Plan will cover all aspects of prevention, and emergency response, to any accidental release of Anhydrous Ammonia at our facilities.
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