Distribution Center / Chesebrough-Ponds USA - Executive Summary

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The accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at your facility: This facility complies with OSHA 29CFR1910.38 requirements, and it is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. If an emergency were to occur, the Unilever / Genco Clinton Distribution Center would coordinate with the Clinton Fire Department and other agencies in Middlesex County should they be requested to respond to an emergency. 
A description of your facility and the regulated substances handled. This facility warehouses consumer aerosol products in their Clinton, Connecticut warehouse containing a mixture of the following regulated substances under 112(r) stored above the threshold quantity:  
* Propane  
* Butane  
* Isobutane  
* Methyl Ether  
* Difluoroethane  
The worst-case release scenario. The worst-case scenario is failure of one 14-ounce aerosol container (this contains 0.30 pounds of propellant). The worst-case scenario would affect a radius of 0.005 miles, which 
does not affect any off-site receptors.  Due to limitations of RMP*Submit, the input parameters were 1 pound and 0.01 miles. 
The general accidental release prevention program and chemical-specific prevention steps. This facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable state and local codes and regulations.  
Five-year accident history. No accidents involving the aerosol products stored at this facility have caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or shelterings-in-place at this facility. 
The emergency response program. If an emergency were to occur, the Unilever / Genco facility would coordinate with the Clinton Fire Department.   
Planned changes to improve safety. None.
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