The Doe Run Company - Glover Smelting Division - Executive Summary

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The Glover Smelter is a Primary Lead Smelter and Refinery.  The Processes within the Plant deal with the Smelting Operations and Refining Operations of Lead Concentrates into Metallic Lead.  The Smelter's Sinter Plant converts the concentrate, which is in the form of Lead Sulfide, into a Lead Oxide.  This Process, which requires fuel from Propane, or Natural Gas and Electricity, produces Sulfur Dioxide Gas which is released into the atmosphere through the largest of the plant's chimneys.  The Lead Oxide Conglometate (Sinter) and Coke are fed into the Blast Furnace and the materials are converted into Molten Lead.  This Process also gives off Sulfur Dioxide, but at a much smaller rate.  The Lead stays in a liquid state through the rest of the operation until it is casted, or moulded, into bars or blocks.  This process also requires Natural Gas, or Propane to keep the Lead in a liquid state.                                                                                 The Plant uses Ch 
lorine gas, in cylinders, to treat the potable water supply and also in the Sewage Treatment Processes.  The Plant Maintenance personnel use Acetylene gas and Oxygen, used in cutting metal, throughout the plant.  The Maintenance group has several stationary cutting stations in the shop, and at the south end of the refinery, as well as serveral mobile cutting rigs that are transported from job to job throughout the plant.                                                                                                                                      The plant also has a mobile equipment refueling station that dispenses gasoline and diesel fuel.  Fuel storage capacity, at the Plant's Station, is 1000 gallons gasoline and 10000 gallons Diesel.  The Propane Storage Tanks are located just South of the Main Office Building and are composed of 4 tanks with 60000 gallon capacity and 2 tanks of 30000 gallon capacity.  Full Bottles of Acetylene, Oxygen and Chlorine are Stored on the East side 
of the Maintenance Shop Building.                                                                           The Plant has seven Fire Hydrants and Hose Stations that are space around the perimeter of the Sinter Plant, Blast Furnace, and Refinery Areas.  Any of the processes within the plant can be shut down by disconnecting the power and by turning off the gas supply.  The only hazards which would then exist are the StorageTanks (Propane, Acetylene, Chlorine, and Oxygen) and the Natural Gas (Methane) Pipeline which serves the plant.                                                                                                                                   The Emergency Response Plan calls for the Evacuation of the Plant Personnel, calling the local Fire Department, and Sheriffs office, and LEPC.  The plant is in a remote area with no residences or business's within a 1 mile radius, but the plan calls for Highway 49, which runs in front of the plant, to be shut down at the Junction 
of Highways 49, 21 & 72 (about 1 mile North of the Plant) and at the Junction of Highway 49 and Little Creek Road, County Road #123 (which is about 1 mile South of the Plant).   The traffic can be De-toured through Carver Creek Road, County Road #118, although it is subject to Weight Limits.                                                                                                                                                                         The Glover Smelter has applied for a CAA Title V - Air Operating Permit, but the permit is still under review by the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources and has not issued a permit number.
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