WILBUR-ELLIS COMPANY - Executive Summary

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The Wilbur-Ellis Company's accidental release program is a priority program for those facilities handling ammonia.  Throughout Wilbur-Ellis Company a comprehensive safety program is in effect which includes training, inspections, safety meetings and management accountability. 
This facility handles anhydrous ammonia for fertilizer use.  The chemicals are stored in above ground tanks.  No other chemical reactions or processes are located at this facility.  
The worst case scenario involves the loss of the largest tank instantaneously.  The offsite consequence will impact the immediate are around the plant.  This was determined using the ALOHA Model.  The alternate release scenario involves the instantaneous loss of ten pounds of ammonia  from disconnecting a hose.   
This facility is covered by OSHA regulations and is visited periodically by other agencies.  There have not been any accidents or incidents involving these chemicals in the last five years.  The emergency response plan is r 
eviewed and trained annually.  Training at Wilbur-Ellis Company is an ongoing program each year and emergency preparedness plans are shared with local and county agencies.
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