Fallbrook Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Pennsylvania - American Water Company 
EPA Risk Management Program 
Executive Summary 
This Risk Management Program has been developed and implemented in conjunction with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and under the authority of Section 113 of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990. 
This program and the corresponding Process Safety Management Program (PSM), which has been in effect at Pennsylvania - American Water Company (PAWC) since May 1, 1994, are intended to prevent and minimize the impacts of the accidental release of chlorine. Chlorine is listed as a extremely hazardous substance by both EPA and OSHA. All PAWC facilities at or above the EPA threshold amount of 2500 pounds of chlorine is subject to the EPA CAAA regulations and will comply. The chemical Propane is used for fuel at out Northeast Pennsylvania Water Treatment Plants. Although propane is not listed as extremely hazardous we do store propane in quantites exceeding the threshold limit of 
10,000 pounds. 
By this narrative we incorporate by reference all aspects of the PAWC Process Safety Management Program (PSM) including but not limited to Hazard Assessments, Prevention Programs, Emergency Response Programs and the American Water System Risk Management Manual.   
Each Treatment Plant covered by the EPA RMP Guidleines is also covered by the OSHA PSM program. A PSM manual and a American Water System Risk Management Manual is available at each plant location for review. 
All Emergency Response procedures are included at the Treatment Plant. Procedures involving evacuation of the plant are included. Procedures involving the emergency response to a chemical release are located at the plant and all plant personnel are trained in the appropriate action to be taken. Procedures involving communication and evacuation of the public are deferred to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) or the local agency responsible for emergency coordination.
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