Water Pollution Control Facility - Executive Summary

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The City of Moultrie Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) uses chlorine to disinfect treated wastewater prior to discharging. The chlorine is stored in one ton cylinders and 150 lb. cylinders in a ventilated storage area. Chlorine usage equipment includes vacuum regulators, injectors, and automatic feed control. For the regulated substance chlorine, accidental release modeling was performed to determine a worst case scenario defined as the maximum quantity of the largest vessel being released as a gas over ten minutes. An alternate case scenario defined as more likely to occur was also performed. The US EPA RMP*COMP software program was used to determine the consequence analysis. The findings of the consequence analysis are outlined in Section2, Hazard Assessment. We have never had an accident involving chlorine that caused death, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or sheltering in place. The City of Moultrie has written standard operating procedures for the st 
orage, handling and use of chlorine, and for response to chlorine emergencies at this facility. Our emergency response plan has been coordinated with the Moultrie Fire Department.
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