The Muralo Co Inc. Norton & Son Div. - Executive Summary

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Muralo Company Inc. 
The Muralo Company , Inc. (subsidiary Norton & Son Inc.) is located at 148 East 5th Street Bayonne,NJ 07002. The palnt is located between a partialy industrialized and aprtialy residential area of Bayonne. The sit is 10.7 acers bordered by Ingaham Avenue to the east,Bay Ridge Lumber Comapny to the west and 5th and 2nd Streets to the north and south respectively.Block # 359,lots 5,6and 7 of the Tax Map of Bayonne.The front section building 10 (north side) serves as office headquarters as well as a warehouse. Norton custom belnds and distributes several types of paints and coating products, (latex and oil-based) Finished products are stored in cartons, in the finished goods warehouse. 
The closest water to the site is the Kill Van Kull which lies directly to the south. The likelihood of any spill reaching the waterway is very slim. 
There is one double waled undrground tank (7500 each) holding vinyl acetate adjacent to the building #8. The tank is fitted with visual an 
d audible alarms. All UG  pipings are double walled. 
Equipment and piping is visualy inspected by site personenel as part of a formal inspection that is fully recorded. Area supervisors are in charge of these inspections. The following inspection procedures are implemented on site. 
Norton maintains a daily inspection program. These inspections are intended to provide a mechanism to detect and prevent malfunctions and detecet equipment deterioration.They provide early warning of any potential events so that corrective actions may be taken. 
Area lighting,above ground valves,pumps and flanges that are used are inspected before use to insure that spills and leaks are prevented.Records are kept. Random walk through safety and environmental checks are performed daily. 
The worst case scenario would occur if tank truck delivering product burst containing 6,000 pounds.Since all trucks unload in a diked area,concrete secondary containment  
capable of holding 9500 gals plus 6 inches of the stormwater,the spill would be contained and discharged onto the ground. First responder would arrive in 10 minutes and begin the clean up.
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