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This Risk Management Plan (RMP or Plan) has been developed to address the catastrophic release hazards associated with the storage and use of hazardous or flammable compounds at the Camp Roberts training site.  This plan was produce to satisfy risk management requirements described in the clean Air Act implementing regulations (40 CFR Section 68 and 29 CFR Section 1910).  It is the policy of the California Army National Guard to exercise due diligence in the operation and maintenance of facilitiesand equipment which store and handle hazardous or flammable compounds in order to prevent sudden and catastrophic releases of these materials.  In the event an incident involving the release of such compounds does occur, efforts will be made to contain and control the hazard as soon as is possible.  However, no such attempts shall involve the undue risk of life or limb; if the release cannot be controlled with the basic means at hand, site staff will evacuate the immediate hazard zone and call 
for additional help.  The primary emergency respondershall be the Camp Roberts Fire Department; additional assistance shall be called upon as needed and where available,  according to standing mutual aid agreements between the Fire Department and other fire suppression and emergency response agencies.
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