Trident Seafoods Corporation - St. Paul, Alaska - Executive Summary

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This remote Alaska seafood processing facility uses anhydrous ammonia as a refrigerant, above a safety standard threshold of 10,000 pounds, to freeze and store seafood products. 
The facility refrigeration system uses standard materials, components, and good engineering, manufacture, and industry guidelines to provide overlapping layers of protection and automatic and manual correction and mitigation of operating deviations.  System changes have been changes in kind and have not required Management of Change or Startup Review. 
The quantity of ammonia refrigerant used in this facility requires OSHA Process Safety Management and EPA Level 3 Risk Management to assure the mechanical integrity of this refrigeration system and the health and safety of on-site employees and off-site public and environmental receptors. 
No on-site or off-site ammonia related incident, resulting in injury, death, property, or environmental damage occurred during the 1994-1998 period covered by a Five Year Acci 
dent History prepared for Risk Management. 
A ten minute unmitigated worst case release of 11,000 pounds of ammonia and a ten minute unmitigated alternative release of 500 pounds of ammonia were scenarios selected from EPA models and data to illustrate ammonia plume dispersion. 
EPA Risk Management requirements have been integrated into an existing community emergency response plan based on 1994 State of Alaska sponsored hazard analysis recommendations for St. Paul, and into a facility action response plan.
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