Commercial Distribution Center, Inc. - Executive Summary

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The purpose of this summary is to give a brief description of Commercial Distribution Center, Inc., Risk Management Program for our facility. 
Commercial Distribution Center is a Cold Storage Warehouse, located at 16500 East Truman Road, Independence, Missouri.  Our operation is completely underground in caves.  We utilize Ammonia (Anhydrous) as a refridgerant for the facility.  The total amount of Ammonia that we have on site is 40,000 pounds at any given time. 
Our system is that which enables us to keep all the Ammonia self contained in one central location of the facility.  This area is known as the Engineer Room and has a ventilation system that takes any Ammonia release directly outside above the facility.  This room is self contained and with the most updated emergency shut-off system available at the time to assure complete isolation of Ammonia in case a release should ever occur. 
Commercial Distribution Center, trains all personnel on a continual basis of what to do in case o 
f an Ammonia release within the facility.  Our plant engineer and warehouse manager are trained to the First Responders Awareness Operational Level  in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120. 
Should there be a case where there has been a release of Ammonia, the plant engineer would isolate the release and notify our outside emergency response firm to report to facility.  Our contracted response firm is Environmental Technology and Services of St. Joseph, Missouri.  They would respond to facility and mitigate the release. 
The worst case scenario that could occur would be that of a result of a fire or collapse of the cave.  Thus releasing the capacity of 40,000 pounds of Ammonia into the air.  In this case, Commercial Distribution would implement our emergency response plan and isolate the area and wait for Environmental Technology and Services to arrive on site to mitigate release. 
The most likely scenario that would happen would be that of equipment failure thus release a small quanity of  
<100 pounds of Ammonia into the air.  In this case our plant engineer would isolate the release and ventilate the area.  Then notify Environmental Technology and Services to mitigate. 
Commercial Distribution Center, is always seeking new information and training available to reduce the risk to human health and the environment during a release of Ammonia within our faciltiy.  We take great pride in our safety and health programs and keeping updated on the new stanards pertaining to the Refridgeration Industry to improve safety for our facility and community. 
Our facility, has never had or reported a release of Ammonia within the past five (5) years.
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