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Executive Summary 
BTL's plant is located in central Toledo.  This facility has a long history of responsible operation.  Our employees and management are well trained, knowledgeable, and committed to safety.  We have periodic safety training and requirements for all new plant employees to participate in a program designed to teach safe operations of the equipment. 
BTL's single formaldehyde storage tank is located inside of our 60,000+ square foot facility and is further guarded by a regularly inspected steel containement with sufficient capacity to hold the total possible contents of the tank. 
We have plans to respond to small leaks on site using our own employees.  In addition, we participate in community disaster planning with government agencies.  BTL has contracts with 3 different private response organizations.  Should a major leak occur, the local emergency response professionals will be responsible for community safety.  This planning is believed necessary for the same reas 
ons we have fire drills and tornado plans.  We believe it is our responsibility to prepare for accidents, even if we take all reasonable precautions to prevent chemical releases. 
We manufacture resin compounds by reacting formaldehyde liquid with other chemicals.  These resins are typical materials used to produce plastics and paints.  Our process generally requires the mixing of the feed stock chemicals in open top tanks we call reactors.  All of our finished product is a dry powder.  The main storage tank for formaldehyde has a control device installed on the vent stack to eliminate odors into the neighborhood. 
The EPA rules require that we examine the impact of having our entire storage tank of formaldehyde leak out in 10 minutes.   Because of the specially designed containment system the effect of a worst case release will extend only about 1/10 of a mile, in any direction, around the plant.   
An alternative,  more likely release is also required to be evaluated.  We have some p 
ipes which carry formaldehyde liquid a short distance in the plant.  A pipe leak could cause a release, however the impact area is still less than 1/10 mile.   
In case of an emergency caused by a chemical release or fire, we will immediately notify the private contractor's local emergency response teams using the 911 emergency phone system and other numbers.  The fire department hazardous materials response team will respond from the near downtown station and they will take control of all public safety functions.  We have filed documents with the emergency planning agency to be sure that current and accurate information is available in the case of an emergency.  
In the past 5 years, the EPA required reporting period, we have had no serious injuries or off-site releases resulting from formaldehyde use. Our good safety record is the result of equipment inspections, employee training, and management commitment to safety.  We have experienced, qualified, professional managers and a compa 
ny attitude focused on safety.   
In an effort to further improve our safety program, we recently conducted a system hazard analysis.  Their analysis is being used to improve our systems.  Several process modifications have been made as a result of this analysis. 
We are always trying to be good neighbors and if anyone is interested in more information we will be pleased to provide some descriptive material.
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