City of Forest POTW - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
   The City of Forest Wastewater Treatment Plant treats about 3.5 MGD of wastewater each day.  We use chlorine to disinfect the final effluent.  The City WWTP has a total of ten employees in which all are trained in chlorine safety and how to handle any accidental release of chlorine.  At  the wastewater plant we have four self-contained airpacs and we also have two complete ton emergency repair kits for ton cylinders.  Also the City of Forest Fire Dept. has one complete ton emergency repair kit and the fire fighters are trained in how to handle a chlorine release.  The Fire Dept. is trained to put up a water curtain if needed to contain the release as much as possible.  We also have a chlorine sensor and alarm to alert the operator at the wastewater plant of any problem.  The operator at the plant checks all of the chlorination system at least every two hours.  If we have a release that requires people to evacuate for a certain area we use the police dept. and all for 
ces to accomplish this action.
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