Pro-Corn, LLC - Executive Summary

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Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
Pro-Corn, LLC is committed to the protection of its employees, the greater community and the environment from hazardous substances used in the fuel ethanol production process, specifically the natural gasoline denaturant.  It is the policy of Pro-Corn, LLC to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws. 
Facility Description and Regulated Substance Handled 
Pro-Corn, LLC operates a fuel ethanol production plant located in Preston, Fillmore County, Minnesota.  The facility produces fuel grade ethanol from corn with a process by-product of dry distillers grain with soluables which is used as a livestock feed.  The fuel ethanol production process requires the use of a denaturant, natural gasoline, which is reported to contain 30-40% pentane, a RMP regulated substance.  The maximum amount of natural gasoline stored on-site is estimated to be 90,000 pounds.  The natural gasoline is stored as a liquid and is introduced to the f 
uel ethanol in the final stage of production. 
Worst Case Scenario 
The worst case scenario defined by RMP Guidance is a failure of the natural gasoline storage tank resulting in a vapor cloud explosion.  According to the EPA's RMP*Comp software program the estimated distance to 1 pound per square inch (psi) endpoint for a 14,000 gallon pentane release is 0.36 miles.  Based on current (1997) census data the population density for the city of Preston, Minnesota is 345 people per square mile.   This density rate provides the basis for a calculated population of 138 people within a 0.36 radius of the site. 
Alternate Case Scenario 
The alternate case scenario is defined by the EPA as a release that is significantly more likely to occur than the worst case scenario.  For the Pro-Corn, LLC facility, this release is a process piping failure which results in a natural gasoline release rate of 240 gallons per minute.  The EPA RMP*Comp software program estimates the distance to the lower flamma 
bility limit endpoint for a 10 minute period is 0.06 miles.  The calculated population within the 0.06 mile radius is 3 people. 
General Accident Release Prevention Program 
Through completion of this RMP, Pro-Corn, LLC has complied with the EPA requirements under 40 CFR Part 68.  Process safety information and operations/maintenance procedures are documented on site.  Periodic functions such as process hazard analysis, training, change management and incident investigation are conducted on a regular basis.  Audits of the overall RMP will be conducted on a regular basis to assure compliance with EPA regulations. 
Five-Year Accident History 
Pro-Corn, LLC has not had a natural gasoline accident causing death, injuries, environmental or property damage, evacuations, or in-place sheltering in the last five years at the fuel ethanol production facility. 
The Emergency Response Program 
In the event of an emergency, it is the policy of Pro-Corn, LLC to notify the City of Preston Fire Depart 
ment and evacuate all employees from the facility.
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