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 The Kensal Farmers Elevator, located in Kensal, ND, has an anhyrous ammonia plant that has operated at the same location for over 20 years with no accidental discharges or injuries as a result of operations.  In addition, we have had no complaints from area residents, either. 
  We feel this has been accomplished by a rigid maintenance program on both the storage facility and the application equipment.  We also provide training to all our employees who are involved in the operation of the facility.  These employees in turn are qualified to inspect customer owned application equipment as well as instructing end users on proper handling.  Our company has also hired an independent Safety and Health Director to provide regular facility inspections and employee training sessions.  These training sessions remind our employees of the preventive maintenance needed and train them how to respond properly an emergency.   We are coordinated with the local emergency management department.  In the 
remote case of any hose leak, or complete loss of product from out largest container, we are prepared to handle the situation as safely for everyone as is possible.   
  Recently, we had a state inspection of our facility, and the inspector verbally rated our facility in the upper 25% of those inspected.
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