Hoople Farmers Grain Co. - Executive Summary

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Hoople Farmers Grain Co. is a farmer-owned cooperative located in northern Walsh County, ND.  We deal with agricultural commodities and agricultural inputs including anhydrous ammonia.  It is the intent of Hoople Farmers Grain Co. to handle this substance with the utmost in employee and environmental safety. 
Hoople Farmers Grain Co. has never had an accidental release of anhydrous ammonia.  It should be noted, however, that an accidental release caused by such things as a hose break or tank rupture can happen at any anhdrous ammonia facility.  We have planned for and have coordinated with local emergency responders to adequetely resond to any accidental releases we percieve may occur at our facility from a simple hose break to the release of the entire contents of our largest storage tank. 
Hoople Farmers Grain Co. wants to insure the public that the use of anhydrous ammonia is safe, we are always on the lookout for methods and equipment that can improve the handling safety of this pr 
oduct and any equipment or procedure changes are implemented as soon as they become available.  Our company has extensive employee safety training, inspection, and maintenance programs in place.  We spend a great deal of time, money, and resources each year to insure that this product is handled in safe and environmentally friendly manner.
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