W.C. Gretter & Sons, Inc. - Executive Summary

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POLICY: W.C. Gretter & Sons, Inc. accidental release prevention policy involves 
owners, management, and employees.  If accidental release occurs the facility is 
prepared to work with local emergency response personnel to minimize impact to 
people and environment. 
INFORMATION: W.C. Gretter & Sons, Inc. is a family owned grain warehouse, 
merchandiser and farm supply, Corp. designed to serve local farmers as well as 
family owned farm ground.  For the risk management plan, the farm used product  
anhydrous ammonia CAS NO. 7664-41-7 is the product of concern under section 112r 
of clean air act.  Anhydrous is received and stored at stationary source in 
April/May and October/November, into two 12,000 gallon capacity tanks then 
distributed to farmers for direct application in same time frame.  Maximum 
capacity is 50,000# each tank.
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