JCI JONES CHEMICALS, INC. - Executive Summary

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JCI is committed to being a responsible member of any community in which it has operations by giving top priority to operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner.  Corporate policy dictates that facilities continuously identify methods to provide the safest working environment possible to its employees and to reduce the risk to the community and environment through implementation of inherently safer technology and procedures.  This commitment to safe and environmentally sound operations is documented in the corporate policy and compliance/procedure manuals, which are available to all employees.  The Torrance Facility stresses safe and environmentally sound operations in employee training programs, and in written materials available at the facility.  The Torrance Facility's safety and environmental programs include monthly safety meetings of all employees.  JCI has an environmental manual and a safety manual that cover general environmental and safety best practices and complian 
ce topics.  Each employee at the Torrance Facility has access to the environmental and safety manuals that cover topics specific to the Torrance Facility.  There are regularly scheduled safety and environmental audits conducted by facility management, and periodic safety and environmental audits of the facility conducted by JCI corporate personnel.   This risk management program document has been prepared to meet the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Risk Management Program regulations as stated in 40 CFR Part 68 (Appendix A).
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