Atlas Cold Storage - Executive Summary

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Atlas Cold Storage is a space for rent cold/frozen storage site located in Northeaster Wisconsin.  The facility is currently utilizing roughly 18,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia as a coolant in its refrigeration process.  The ammonia system has been added to as the business has grown and demands have increased.  Due to this expansion the system is segmented dating back to the early 1900's in some of the oldest segments.  None-the-less the system is well maintained and the accident history is excellent with no reportable accidents due to anhydrous ammonia.  The worst case scenario assumes a breach in the bottom of the high pressure receiver containing and releasing roughly 8,000 pounds of ammonia within the EPA requirements for atmospherics and time.  This release would involve roughly 1.2 miles.  The alternate case scenario consideres the the release of 2,290 pounds of anhydrous ammonia over a 20 minute period due to a relief valve opening on the high pressure receiver.  This would inc 
ure a release area of 0.8 of a mile.  Atlas Cold Storage has an active safety program including an up-to-date Process Safety Management Program (PSM) and a current Risk Management Plan (RMP).
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