Cadillac Water Department - Executive Summary

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    The City of Cadillac owns and operates a public water supply for the citizens of Cadillac.  The water system is a groundwater source operated by the Cadillac Utilities Department.  Average pumpage for       1998 was 2.5 million gallons per day. The water is chlorinated for disinfection as required by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. 
    Cadillac uses chlorine gas purchased in 1-ton cylinders.  Maximum storage capacity is 7 tons of chlorine and the average feed rate is 75 lbs. per day.  In 1991, the chlorination system was changed from a pressure system to a Wallace & Tiernan vacuum feed system.   A vacuum is created by the chlorine booster pumps which allows the vacuum regulator connected to the cylinder gas valve to open and feed chlorine gas.  Any loss of vacuum shuts down the supply regulator.  A chlorine detector is connected to our alarm system that will notify Wexford County Dispatch if activated. 
    The City of Cadillac converted its Wastewater Treatme 
nt Plant to sodium hypochlorite in 1996 to get away from using chlorine gas.   Based on that project, the City has retained a consultant to review conversion to sodium hypochlorite at our water system.  This conversion has been budgeted into the Capital Improvement Program for funding in our fiscal 2000/2001 Budget.
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