Midstate Mills, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Midstate Mills, Inc., a North Caolina Corporation with principal offices in Newton, N. C., is engaged in the manufacture of grain-based ingredients, flour, corn meal, mixes, and formula animal feeds.  Within our operartion we handle one hazardous chemical, Chlorine.  This is used in a chlorination process that is regulated by a Process Safety Management Plan mandated by OSHA. 
Our Emergency Aciton Plan is on file with the LEPC, Catawba County, and is applicable for the worst case and the most likely case scenarios for an accidental release.  This plan notifies the proper authorities about the nature and extent of the release. 
In the past five years we have not had an accidental release of chlorine. 
Our general prevention plan includes the annual training of our people in the proper handling of cholorine and making proper connections and the testing of those connections. 
The chlorine cylinders have automatic shut off valves installed which are activated by a chlorine gas detection sy 
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