Ypsilanti Equity Elevator Company - Executive Summary

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In the event of an accidental release the Manager, Richard Christensen would be the first person notified, then the Jamestown Fire Department, then the Sheriff, 911 is our emergency number.  Local residents would be notified and gotten out of the area.  The Jamestown Fire Department would take command when they arrive. 
We have an up to date prevention program in place on the upkeep and maintenance of the Nurse tanks and the Anhydrous Ammonia plant and all equipment, including breathing apparatus, SCBA.  The employee's have a predesignated meeting place in the event of an emergency.  911 is our emergency number for the Fire Department and Sheriff's Department. 
A compliance audit was conducted in August of 1998 and we are we are updating and adding all safety equipment and requirements they requested on their audit. 
An alternative release is the most likely scenario in which a nurse tank hose or a truck unloading hose would be broken if they took off with their vehicle without unhooki 
ng the hose's.  We have all the safety equipment in place to prevent a major release if this should happen.  If this should happen only the product in the hose's would be released because of the emergency shutoffs in the pipelines, only a small amount of Anhydrous Ammonia would be released.  This would not be a major release. 
In the event of a major release that would present a substantial danger to the public's health an incident investigation would be implemented within 48 hrs. after the accident.  We have yearly training for the employee's working with the Anhydrous Ammonia and safety update schooling.  These safety procedures are in place in the event we need to implement them.
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