Jefferson City Distribution Center - Executive Summary

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The accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at your facility: This facility complies with OSHA 29CFR1910.38 requirements, and it is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. If an emergency were to occur, Unilever Home and Personal Care / Genco Distribution Center lcoated in Jefferson City would coordinate with the Cole County Fire Department and other agencies in Cole County should they be requested to respond to an emergency. 
A description of your facility and the regulated substances handled. This facility warehouses consumer aerosol products in their Jefferson City, Missouri warehouse containing a mixture of the following regulated substances under 112(r) stored above the threshold quantity:  
* Propane  
* Butane  
* Isobutane  
* Methyl Ether  
* Difluoroethane  
The worst-case release scenario. The worst-case scenario is failure of one 14-ounce aerosol container (this contains 0.30 pounds of propellant). The worst-case scenario wou 
ld affect a radius of 0.005 miles, which does not affect any off-site receptors.  Due to limitations of RMP*Submit, the input parameters were 1 pound and 0.01 miles. 
The general accidental release prevention program and chemical-specific prevention steps. This facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable state and local codes and regulations.  
Five-year accident history. No accidents involving the aerosol products stored at this facility have caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or shelterings-in-place at this facility. 
The emergency response program. If an emergency were to occur, Jefferson City Distribution Center would coordinate with the Cole County Fire Department.   
Planned changes to improve safety. None.
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