Peterson LP Gas Company - Executive Summary

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The Peterson LP Gas Company complies with the NFPA-58 requirements for LP-Gas storage, the Arkansas LP-Gas Board, and the Federal DOT.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Decatur Fire Department as well as the Benton County LEPC. 
This facility is a Propane Gas storage facility.  We use the gas for heating  the poultry houses of our contract growers, our own poultry facilities, and for distribution to our residential customers. 
Our Worst-Case scenario is failure of one of the 30,000 gal. storage tanks, when filled to the greatest amount allowed (88% @ 60F. ), resulting in a vapor cloud explosion.  According to the EPA's look-up tables, the distance to the endpoint is 0.4 miles.  This facility is located in a fairly remote area, therefore the Worst-Case scenario would only affect a few residences in the area.  However, the facility is adjacent to a Company Feed Mill with approximate 
ly 10 employees.  The most likely scenario would be a release of 200 pounds caused by a hose breakaway.  The endpoint in this scenario would be 0.02 miles, with no receptors or population affected. 
This facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable State and Local codes and regulations.  The propane system is designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with NFPA-58 and State law. 
We have never had an accident involving propane that caused deaths, property or envitonmental damage, evacuations, or sheltering in place.  There have been minor injuries resulting in first-aid treatment. 
In the event of an emergency involving our propane system, it is our policy to contact 911 which in turn alerts the Decatur Fire Department and the Benton County LEPC.  The Decatur Fire Department is aware of our ploicy and has observed our propane storage facility. 
We currently have no plans to revise any parts of our prevention program as we feel that we are doing a fine 
job of compliance and training.
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