City of Vidalia - Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Louisiana Facility ID 30293 
The Town of Vidalia, Louisiana, owns and operates the Vidalia Wastewater Treatment Lagoon.  This facility, located west of town but near both commercial and residential properties, houses hazardous chlorine cylinders used in the treatment of wastewater.  Within a separate chemical storage room, four one-ton tanks are located  two in use and two in storage.  This RMP was developed for that single covered process. 
As accident prevention is considered with utmost gravity, the planning and development of this program has been met with much effort.  Although site personnel are trained in the hazards of this chemical and process and are capable of responding to incidental releases, the Vidalia Fire Department personnel will serve as primary responders.  The Fire Department maintains a  "B" kit for chlorine cylinder repair.  A plan for their response in the event of an uncontrolled release has been developed  for both work day and after-hours 
events.  The emergency phone number for this agency is 318.336.6262.  Fire Chief Jack Langston serves as point of contact. 
When modeling the impact of a worst-case release, no administrative or passive mitigation measures were considered.  Thus, the release of 2000 lb of chlorine over 10 minutes in a rural area results in a release rate of 200 lb/min and a radius of impact of 3.0 miles.  This distance affects both residential and commercial public receptors.  No environmental receptors are impacted.  This modeling data was obtained from both the RMP*Comp version 1.06, and the "Risk Management Program Guidance for Wastewater Treatment Plants" EPA document, October 1998. 
In modeling the alternative release scenario, a past incident at this facility was used as an example.  The hypothetical release occurred inside an enclosed space, so passive mitigation was considered, with a resulting 55% reduction in the release rate.  The scenario used involved a valve shear with a =" diameter hole 
in the cylinder.  Bernoulli's formula for liquid releases was applied for a release rate of 20 lb/min. (with mitigation).  At this rate, over 60 minutes, in a rural topography, the radius of impact was 0.2 miles.  This modeling data was obtained from both the RMP*Comp version 1.06, and the "Risk Management Program Guidance for Wastewater Treatment Plants" EPA document, October 1998. 
The chlorine at this facility is received inside the chemical storage room.  This room remains closed at all other times when material is not being received or removed.  This makes the actual occurrence of a worst-case release highly improbable.  The mitigation from the enclosed space of the room would reduce offsite impact significantly. 
Emergency response has been coordinated with local responders --- the Vidalia Fire Department  and the plan elements have been communicated to Concordia Parish and Adams County Offices of Emergency Preparedness.  Treatment Plant operators and Fire Department personnel  
have received Hazardous Materials training.  A planned incident drill is being discussed for this facility.  The details of the accident prevention program were presented to the general public on May 18, 1999, in a public meeting held in Vidalia. 
On-site personnel will be trained in the provisions of this plan during May 1999.
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