Hamlin-Breed Electronics Limited Partnership - Executive Summary

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The accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at Hamlin are coordinated through the local LEPC, the local fire department and HAZMAT team through the companies emergency response progam under OSHA Law.  This includes evacuation of the plant and the use of the above outside agencies for spill response.  The facility uses concentrated hydrochloric acid for the cleaning and degreasing of electronic parts.  The process is fed by a vessel that contains roughly 5,000 gallons of the acid.  Small electronic compontents are manufactured at this facility.  Both the worst case scenario and the alternate case scenario demonstrated potential involvement with the enviornment and off-site population.  Hamlin has taken a number of steps to preclude the impact of such excursions through a number of means.  Initially, Hamlin has installed a tank-in-tank system, whereby the inner tank is enclosed in an outside tank that holds 110% of the inner tank thus allowing for containment of any 
tank leak.  A berm or dike has also been added to preclude the acid from reaching the creek in the unlikely event both containments are ruptured.  Lastly, Hamlin has installed a monitoring system at the fill station to detect any possible acid escaping to the atmosphere during the fill process.  Over the past five years two releases have occured.  Neither of these involved any damage or related health concerns.  The single exception being some run-off to a nearby creek.  Again, this has been abated by berming and the tank-in-tank control.  The facility has an emergency response plan which has been submitted to the LEPC. Training for employees is recurrent and documented.  The employee is given a post test and post test review.  Hamlin maintains copies of all tests and materials associated with these tests.  All safety and health changes have been implemented based on the two spills and Hamlin feels the control measures employeed are significant and will prevent off-site involvement wi 
th hydrochloric acid from this facility.
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