Safety-Kleen (Aragonite), Inc. - Executive Summary

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The Safety-Kleen (Aragonite) Inc. facility in Aragonite, Utah conducted a comprehensive applicability determination for the Risk Management Program (RMP) (40 CFR Part 68) regulations.  It was conclusively determined that the RMP regulations did apply since the facility had received several RMP regulated chemicals since August 19, 1996 in quantities that exceeded the threshold levels.  The facility manages toxic and flammable hazardous waste which are inherently heterogeneous in nature.  The facility has decided to prepare and submit a RMP Plan to comply with the RMP regulations and maintain future operational flexibility. 
Toxic chemicals, Epichlorohydrin, Formaldehyde and Hydrazine; and Flammable chemicals, Ethyl Ether and Propane were selected to be addressed in the RMP Plan preparation based on applicability determination and historical information from similar facilities under the ownership of the parent company.  The single RMP process involved at the facility includes unloading f 
rom containers such as tank trucks, storage and blending in co-located tanks.  The facility was eligible for Prevention Program Level 1 since screening level modeling, using highly conservative assumptions showed no potential for offsite consequences to Public or Environmental Receptors.  The facility is remotely located with the nearest Public Receptor at a distance greater than 1 mile. 
Modeling results from Worst Case Release Scenarios using highly conservative assumptions, such as 92,000 lbs. of toxic chemical, Epichlorohydrin spill within secondary containment, provided a toxic endpoint distance of 0.6 mile for Epichlorohydrin and 172,000 lbs. release of Propane yielded a 0.4 mile distance to 1 psi overpressure vapor cloud explosion for the flammable chemical, Propane. 
The facility has no history of RMP reportable accidents in the last 5 years. 
The facility is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act as a commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage and dispos 
al facility.  The existing Contingency Plan meets and exceeds the RMP regulatory requirements for the written Emergency Plan.  Local emergency planning agencies have been cognizant of the facility activities, reviewed the Contingency Plan and agreed in writing to provide assistance in the event of an emergency.
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