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Beef Packers Inc 
Phone (559) 268-5586 
P0 Box 12503: Fresno, CA 93778 
     Beef Packers Inc takes the safety of its employees and its surrounding community very seriously.  The only chemical on-site exceeding the Federal Quantity for Accidental Release Prevention is Ammonia (anhydrous).  The following Executive Summary covers Release Prevention, Immediate Notification & Evacuation, Emergency Response Protocols & Clean-up Procedures, Worst & Alternate Case Scenarios, Compliance, and New Changes to Improve Safety. 
Release Prevention: 
     The main storage area is elevated from ground level by a concrete slab, fenced and covered. It is located away from the operation and separated from drains, gutters, property lines, roads, alleys, etc. Materials are supplied by the suppliers in proper containers clearly marked with proper warnings against hazards and instructions on how to handle the product. The products are stored at designated areas for each produc 
t to eliminate the likelihood of delivering and using the wrong material for the wrong purpose. 
     The other smaller storage areas, as designated on the site map are located close the place of usage and are also elevated from ground level by concrete slabs, fenced and covered. The person in charge Heriberto Castro delivers materials from the main storage area to the storage areas as they are needed. 
     Purchasing agent (Jack Ventura) takes inventory on a weekly basis and at the same time inspects the containers for leaks, seepage, drainage and general housekeeping. Materials are transferred from one container to smaller containers in accordance with manufacturer recommendations or industry standards. The purchasing agent obtains this information from suppliers as the materials are purchased. The purchasing agent is in charge of supervision and training of the employees handling the materials. 
     Training includes the following: 
           1.Use of equipment 
ndling of material 
           3.Conduct in an emergency 
           4.Introduction of new materials 
Immediate Notification & Evacuation: 
     In the event of a hazardous materials release or threatened release, the supervisor of the area where the release occurs will notify immediately the office and the office in turn will notify the appropriate authorities as follows: 
     1.  911 - Police, fire, and medical 
     2.  445-3271 - Fresno County Environmental Health System (after hours or weekends - use Sheriff 's  
          Office Number 488-3111) 
     3.  1-800-852-7550 - California Office of Emergency Services (OES) 
     Notification will include the following information: 
           1.  Exact location of release or threatened release 
           2.  Name of person reporting and call back telephone number 
           3.  Hazardous materials involved 
           4.  Estimated quantity of the hazardous materials 
     The office will broadcast the release over the loud s 
peaker system. When evacuation of employees is required for their safety, the supervisor of the area will instruct his employees to evacuate. The evacuation routes have been mapped out on the site plan, utilizing emergency exits, routing to the staging area located at the parking lot to the west of the main office. Employees are not to remain calm and not to run. Following evacuation, supervisors will determine if their personnel have all been accounted for and report to the office. 
     Immediate reporting is not required if there is a reasonable belief that the release poses no significant present or potential hazard to human health and safety, property, or the environment. 
     The maintenance supervisor will assign maintenance personnel to shut off utilities before evacuation. These employees are to approach shut-offs with caution, and not endanger themselves to shut off the mains. 
     Following shutoff, each person will follow the nearest evacuation route to the staging area.  
The maintenance supervisor will report the status of utility shut-offs to the office. Maintenance personnel will shut off main switches/valves for the following utilities: 
     1.  Electrical 
     2.  Natural gas 
     3.  Water 
     With the occurrence of after work hours emergencies, the following persons should be notified: 
     1.  Larry Hollis 
          19816 Excelsior Ave 
          Riverdale Ca 93656 
          559 923-0414 
          559 444-6755 Pager 
     2.  Todd Ventura 
          4630 So Fig 
          Fresno Ca 93706 
          559 268-5718 
          559 290-9821 Pager 
     Neighbors in the prevailing wind direction should be notified of the hazardous release.  The employees will not occupy a contaminated area until it is cleared by proper authorities. 
Emergency Response Protocols & Clean-up Procedures: 
     The USDA approves most of the chemicals used; therefore, they don't pose hazards to human health, except for the following: 
     1. Ammonia 
If a leak occurs, the personnel trained for and designated to act in such emergencies shall: 
            1.  See that persons not required to deal with an emergency are evacuated from the contaminated  
            2.  Put on suitable respiratory protection 
            3.  Wear gauntlet type rubber gloves 
            4.  Shut-off the appropriate valves 
            5.  Notify state or federal governmental regulatory authorities as may be appropriate 
            6.  Have on hand the following equipment: 
                 a.  One full face gas mask with one industrial size ammonia canister and at least one spare  
                      ammonia canister in a readily accessible location. 
                 b.  One pair of protective gloves 
                 c.  One pair of protective boots 
                 d.  One protective slicker and/or protective pants and jacket 
                 e.  Easily accessible shower and/or at least 100 gallons of clean water in op 
en top container 
            7.  Remove victims to fresh air. Give oxygen if breathing is difficult. If breathing has stopped, start  
                 artificial respiration. 
            8.  Apply water immediately to exposed areas of skin and eyes. 
            9.  Take the victim for further medical treatment to: 
                  Valley Industrial & Family Medical Group 
                  6011 N Fresno St Suite 115 
                  Fresno Ca 93710 
                  559 440-9112 Phone 
                  559 440-9513 Fax 
     Each employee transferring ammonia or performing maintenance on an ammonia system under pressure should be provided with suitable gloves, a pair of flexible fitting and full face shield. 
     The person in charge in case of emergency is Larry Hollis & Todd Ventura In the absence of the foreman his assistant will take the responsibility.  California Controlled Atmosphere in Dinuba, Ca    is being used for the repair and maintenance of the refrigeration sys 
tem. The system is reviewed quarterly for any adjustments, defects and leaks.  California     Cont Atomosp is also in charge of the training of the employees for emergency procedures, which includes the following: 
     1.  Use of protective equipment 
     2.  Shut-off of appropriate valves 
     3.  Transferring ammonia 
     4.  Proper handling of victims in emergency 
     In cash of emergency contact: 
         California Controlled Atmosphere 
         39138 Road 56 
         Dinuba Ca 93618 
         209 591-8874 Phone 
         209 591-6896 Fax 
Worst & Alternate Case Scenarios: 
     Beef Packers Inc utilizes 11,000 lbs. of Ammonia (anhydrous) gas liquefied by refrigeration-CAS # 7664-41-7.  In the unlikely event of an unanticipated ammonia release, our worst-case scenario would suggest that 11,000 lbs. of ammonia would release at a rate of 1100 lbs./min. for a duration of 10 minutes into the surrounding urban area with a radius of up to 0.6 miles.  Our alternate (and more  
applicable) scenario would suggest that 366 lbs. of ammonia would release at a rate of 1220 lbs./min. for a duration of 20 seconds into the surrounding urban area with a radius being no greater than 0.1 miles. 
     Beef Packers Inc implements many technical, procedural, and managerial routines while continually improving their maintenance and employee training in order to comply with OSHA' s Process Safety Management (PSM) of hazardous chemicals rule. 
New Changes to Improve Safety: 
     Beef Packers Inc is in the process of implementing new mitigation systems and new control equipment.  These improvements include ammonia detection, ammonia diffusion, and computer control software (Y2K Compatible) to insure proper function of all ammonia systems.  Beef Packers Inc takes very seriously the safety of our employees and the surrounding community.  The implementation of the new equipment is scheduled for completion by January 2000.
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