Westside Wastewater Facility - Executive Summary

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The City of Evansville and Environmentl Management Corporation have taken preventive measures to protect our employees and the surronding community in the event of an accidental release. The Hazard Communication Program has been incorporated into the Risk Management Programto help evaluate the needs of our facllity. Informational training sessions with the employees  has prepared the to respond in a safe manner. Our facility is a wastewater treatment plant and the wastewater is chlorinated for disinfection. One ton cylinders are used in a manifold systyem. One on line and the others on standby. Manual shut off valves are in place to retain any leak that might occur. No release has occured that could not be handled quickly in-house. Employees have been trained to respond to leaks and are knowledgable of emergency agencies to notifiy if a leak can not be contained immediatly. Mock drills will be conducted for all personel and community notification will be done in cooporation with the Ev 
ansville Fire Dept. and Local Emergency Mangement . Environmental Management Corporation and The City of Evansville will continue to monitor the chlorine process and take all necessary measures to prevent any accidental release. The safety of our employees and the community we serve is our number one priority.
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