City of Orem Water Reclamation Facility - Executive Summary

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The City of Orem is dedicated to the safety of it's citizens as well as the environment.  The City leaders believe in being proactive rather than reactive to emergencies of any type or size.  One example of our approach to preparedness is the purchasing of a chlorine gas scrubber in July of 1999.  The scrubber has the ability to scrub a one ton container of chlorine or sulphur dioxide in the event of an accidental release.  On-site training, planning, inspections and revisions are held frequently.  Partnerships with local businesses, city emergency responders as well as the local emergency planning committee has given us added confidence in our ability to coordinate to an emergency involving chlorine and sulphur dioxide. Safety proceedures in case of an accidental release have been outlined by plant personel and are reviewed frequently.  This doument includes all proceedures for plant personel to follow including shutdown, repair, evacuation, contacts and noification of authorites.
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