StateLine Coop - Titonka Facility - Executive Summary

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This facility complies with all regulations and requirements for the handling and storage of NH3 and it is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Titonka Fire Department and request that they respond to the emergency. 
This facility is a farmer owned cooperative.  We sell agricultural products to members and non-members.  We sell NH3 for the sole purpose of fertilization of farm ground.  This facility consists of one 26,000 gallon tank and two 12,000 gallon tanks which are plumbed together.   
Our worst-case senario would be the sudden release of both tanks at one time when they were filled to capacity.  According to EPA look-up tables, the distance to endpoint would be 8.9 miles with an approximate population of 3308 people.   
This facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable state and local codes and regulations.   
We have never had an accident involving NH3 th 
at caused death, injuries, property or enviromental damage, or evacuations. 
In the event of an emergency involving our NH3 plant, it is our policy to notify the Titonka Fire Department and request that they repond to the emergency.  We have discussed this policy with the fire department and members of the fire department have inspected our NH3 facility. 
There are no planned changes of our proceedures or policies.
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