Linn Cooperative Oil Co. Springville Plant - Executive Summary

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Accidental release prevention and emergency response policies: 
This facility complies with OSHA (29CFR 1910.111) requirements for Anhydrous Ammonia storage and it is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, it is our   
policy to notify the Springville Fire Department and request that they respond to our emergency. 
Facility description and requlated substance handled: 
This facility is a farm fertilizer plant. We sell and liquid fertilizer. Our Anhydrous Ammonia plant consists 
of one storage tank (18,000 Gal.) and associated piping, compressor pump, valves, vents, nurse tanks, 
and other miscellaneous equipment. 
Worst-Case release scenario: 
Our worst-case scenario is a sudden failure the storage tank when filled to maximum allowed (SOP 85% 
full), resulting in a toxic gas cloud.  According to EPA look-up tables, the distance to the endpoint is 3.3 
miles.  Within the distance to the endpoint are private residences, schools, rec 
reation areas, and some 
small businesses, including farms.  Population within the endpoint is 1,195.  
General accidental release prevention program and chemical specific prevention steps: 
This facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule as well as all applicable local and state codes 
and regulations.  This Anhydrous Ammonia plant is designed, built, and maintained according to OSHA 
(29 CFR 1910.111) and state regulations. 
Five-year accident history: 
No accidents involving NH3 that caused death, injuries, enviromental or property damage, or evacuations. 
Emergency response program: 
It is our policy that in the event of an emergency involving NH3, the Springville Fire Dept. be notified of, and 
requested to respond to the emergency.  We have discussed this with the fire department and they have a 
copy of our Emergency Action Plan.  In addition the fire department inspect and train at our facility yearly. 
Planned changes to improve safety: None
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