16th Street Facility - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
A. Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
The purpose of this plan is to prevent or minimize the consequences of a catastrophic release of acrolein at Salt River Project's 16th Street Facility and surrounding areas.  This plan has also been developed to comply with the '40CFR 68 Subpart G. 
B. Regulated Substances 
Acrolein, also known as 2-Propenal, is an aldehyde.   It is present between 92-96% pure in Magnacide H.  It is inhibited with hydroquinone (0.35%) and covered with a nitrogen blanket to prevent hazardous polymerization.  Acrolein is acutely toxic, an inhalation and fire hazard.  Some of the typical physical and chemical properties are listed below. 
7 CAS # 107-02-8 
7 clear, colorless liquid 
7 acrid and pungent odor, extremely irritating 
7 pH of 7 
7 flashpoint of -13 F (TCC) 
7 heavier than air 
7 can produce exothermic hazardous polymerization reaction 
7 can be neutralized with soda ash or sodium bisulfite (increasing the pH results  
in decreased half-life) 
7 OSHA permissible exposure limit (PEL), 0.1 ppm 
7 OSHA short term excursion limit (STEL), 0.3 ppm 
C. Worst-case Release Scenario 
The worst-case release scenario.  Release from a single cylinder of acrolein would result in a toxic end-point distance of  1.4 miles.  Our worst-case scenario is failure of one 370 pound storage cylinder of acrolein resulting in a vapor cloud.  
D. Release Prevention Program 
The cylinders are pressure tested by the manufacturers to conform to the DOT pressure testing requirements. 
Five-year Accident History 
During the past five years there has not been an accidental release from the acrolein storage that resulted in deaths, injuries, or significant property damage on site, or known offsite deaths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage, or environmental damage. 
F. Emergency Response Program 
The Emergency Response Program applies to Salt River Project (SRP) employees at the 16th Street facility.  The plan wi 
ll be implemented and updated by the Groundwater Division, Water Engineering and Transmission Group.  An up-to-date copy will be readily available to all SRP personnel and emergency response personnel will be kept at the following locations: 
16th Street Main Office Building, Building  
SRP's Association Dispatch Center (ADC) 
Security Operations Center (SOC) 
In the event that an emergency occurs at either the 16th Street facility the response will be evaluated by a team consisting of the Safety Services Representative, Environmental Compliance Representative, and a Groundwater Representative. 
The initial evaluation by the team will involve the following: 
Review ERP forms and documentation, 
Interview personnel (internal and external as needed) 
Determine if follow-up response to the emergency was handled adequately, and 
Recommend any changes needed to improve the efficiency of the emergency response activities. 
G. Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
The Groundwater Division will review a 
nd update the plan, as required with maximum intervals of three years.  SRP will be responsible for training SRP personnel in the use of this ERP and for reviewing all changes in the plan with trained employees.
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