UniSea Cold Storage - Executive Summary

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The UniSea Cold Storage has policies and programs in place to ensure there is no accidental release of chemicals.  As a cold storage warehouse operator, UniSea goes beyond requirements to prevent contamination of our product.  Ammonia is the chemical used as a refrigerant in our cold storage warehouse in Redmond, Washington.  The worst-case scenario is unlikely to have the impact modeled, given the construction of the enclosure.  We have a licensed refrigeration engineer, detectors, computer, and safety controls that are continuously monitoring the environment to detect and prevent the smallest release.  We have worked with the King County LEPC and City Emergency Management along with a number of other agencies in a table-top exercise of our emergency response plans.  We are subject to the PSM rule and have performed a Process Hazards Analysis for ammonia.  The UniSea Cold Storage has not had a release in the past five years.  Our emergency response program involves key people in maint 
enance, production and management.  The emergency response program is exercised on a regular basis.  Process safety and programs are reviewed for opportunities for improvement.
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