Pioneer Chemical Inc. - Executive Summary

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Pioneer Chemical has had No Accidents involving any of the chemicals listed for RMP reporting requirements. 
Pioneer Chemical is a member of the NACD, National Association of Chemical Distributors, and follows stringent guidelines to assure that all of our products are handled in the safest manner and according to all applicable rules and regulations, to prevent any incident occurring that would involve a release or effect the public or our valued employees. 
Pioneer is a distributor of products such as Formaldehyde and Hydrofluoric acid, but we do not repackage the material.  The largest single contained vessel at our facility is a 55 gallon drum.  These drums are brought in by truck and then unloaded by forklifts to a storage area and then re-shipped to our customers.   
A worst-case scenario has been conducted for Hydrofluoric Acid, which is the most toxic product we handle, to determine if there was a release, what is the worst thing that could happen, how many residences and busin 
esses would have to be notified and evacuated, what is the furthest distance that the product would remain toxic before it had dissipated and it takes into account the temperature differences, different types of mitigation, etc.  Then an alternative scenario was conducted for each reportable toxic we have on-site.  The alternative scenario is a more realistic example of what may occur in the event of a release and takes into account the same types of information as the worst case scenario. 
Hazard Analysis has been conducted on handling each of the products from the point of placing the order for the product through receiving and storage of the product until shipment to the customer.  Every possible problem that may be encountered has been addressed and a Risk Reduction Alternative developed to reduce the chance of anything going wrong. 
Standard Operating Procedures have been developed for the safe handling of products distributed by Pioneer Chemical.  All employees have been trained  
on these procedures and have refresher training at least bi-annually.  S.O.P's are revised if anything changes in the operating procedure and reviews conducted to assure the procedure is being carried out in the best manner possible. 
Maintenance schedules are set up for all equipment used in handling these products.  All forklifts are inspected daily by the operators and then undergo preventative maintenance every 60 days.  All trucks are maintained under a contract maintenance program and have preventative maintenance performed every 10,000 miles as well as any needed repairs done on a regular basis. 
MSDS's are maintained for every product handled by Pioneer and are continuously updated on a regular basis when changes are made by the manufacturers.  When there is a change made, the MSDS is immediately scanned into a computer system and all customers who purchase the product are automatically faxed a copy of the updated MSDS. 
Regulatory Compliance Audits are conducted on an annua 
l basis at all facilities to ensure we are operating in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.  If there are any findings, a Corrective Action Request From is initiated and the problem fixed. 
Any incident that occurs, whether at Pioneer Chemical facilities or over the road or at a customer location, is documented and an Incident Investigation conducted.  Causes are identified and preventive measures taken to eliminate a possibility of a re-occurrence. 
Pioneer Chemical has an Emergency Response Plan developed and implemented at each of their facilities to assure that all employees are evacuated inn the event of an emergency, chain of command is initiated, proper authorities are called and appropriate actions are taken with our communities in the event of an emergency.  Pioneer works closely with their local Fire Fighters as they are our means of Emergency Response.  The Fire Departments are invited to the facilities to overview the hazards they may encounter in the even 
t of an emergency and a plan developed to assist us in case the need should ever arise.  In the event of a release, environmental companies are contracted which specialize in HazMat clean-up and will be on the scene to assist the Fire Department and then decontaminate and clean up the area. 
Pioneer Chemical is also an active participant in the local LEPC which meets on a monthly basis.   
Pioneer Chemical believes it has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that we handle toxic chemicals in an appropriate manner that is safe to the environment, our employees and especially our communities.  Our accident record says it all - we do it safely, the first time - every time.
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