Morehead Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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A conventional rapid sand filtration plant empoying a quick mix, flocculation, sedimentation, and filration with Pre and Post chlorination. M.U.P.B. Water Treatment Plant was started up in 1968. It used chlorine gas for disinfection. In the early 1980's the water plant was upgraded and expanded, before the expansion it was using 150 gal. cylinders, after the expansion it started using 2000 gal. cylinders.In the late 1980's the old pre and post chlorinators were replaced with Wallace and Turner V-notch chlorinators series V-75V remote vacuum. They are still in use today. The plant is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with state certified operators. During normal usage chlorinators are run 24 hours a day.There are two Fisher and Porter chloralert alarm systems in place, one is located in the chlorinator room and one is in the chlorine storage room to constantly monitor for chlorine leaks. Operators routinely monitor chlorinators and storage room to insure that everthing is working p 
roperly. Chlorine training session are held every 6 months. They consist of a review of leak repair, use of ton cylinder repair kit and practice in donning the S. C. B. A .' s and chlorine suits. Since it startup in 1968 the Water Treatment Plant has not had any accidents resulting in deaths, injuries, or significant property damage on site or off. It as also has not had any environmental damage. Danny Caudill, Plant Superintendent has the overall responsibility to develop, implement, and intergration of the risk management program elements. This will insure that the plant is operated  and maintained in safe and manner and that it is in compliance with state, and federal regulations.
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