The Doe Run Company - Brushy Creek Facility - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary for Risk Management Plan 
The Doe Run Company - Brushy Creek Facility 
Anhydrous sulfur dioxide is used in adjusting the pH of solutions during the benefication of copper 
bearing ore at The Doe Run Company Brushy Creek milling facility.  This adjustment aids the 
separation of copper bearing material from the other components of the solution.  Sulfur dioxide is 
used because it is the most effective and efficient reagent for this purpose. 
Certain safety precautions must be observed when handling and storing sulfur dioxide to prevent 
human exposure, to reduce the threat to our own personal health as well as our co-workers, to reduce 
the hazard to nearby members of the surrounding communities, and to reduce the threat to the 
environment.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable Federal, state and local rules and regulations.  
Safety depends upon the manner in which we handle and store the sulfur dioxide combined with the 
safety devices inherent in the design of the  
storage vessel and surrounding process equipment plus 
the adequate training of our personnel. 
The primary function of The Doe Run Company's mill facilities is to process the raw ore extracted 
from the ground into lead, zinc and copper concentrate.  Sulfur dioxide is only used when the copper 
concentrate is being made.  Copper concentrate constitutes approximately two and one-half percent 
of the total concentrate production at The Doe Run Company mills.  Sulfur dioxide is delivered to 
the mills via a tanker truck and stored in one tank located at the mill.  Access to the mill facilities is 
restricted to authorized company employees and company management personnel. 
The regulated substance stored at this facility is anhydrous sulfur dioxide. 
The maximum amount of sulfur dioxide stored at this facility at any on time is 95,680 pounds. 
Worst-case scenario - Complete failure of the single sulfur dioxide tank would result in a release of 
95,680 pounds of sulfur dioxide.  The sulfur dioxi 
de is stored under pressure as a liquid, but would 
vaporize upon contact with the air. 
The distance to the toxic endpoint of 7.8 micrograms per liter for the worst-case scenario would be 
6.0 miles.  This distance extends beyond the facility boundary and encompasses public receptors.  
Executive Summary for RMP - Brushy Creek 
Alternative scenario - Disconnection of the delivery truck hose from the facility storage tank.  The  
one and one-half inch hose is approximately twelve feet long.  The excess flow valves function to stop 
the flow.  The content of the hose is released, plus 3315 pounds over a period of 10 minutes.  This 
is the amount of time required to make the appropriate response with the proper personnel protective 
equipment.  The liquid is released and is immediately vaporized. 
The distance to the toxic endpoint of 7.8 micrograms per liter for the alternative release scenario is 
2.5 miles.  This distance extends beyond the facility boundary and impacts a minimum number 
public receptors. 
This facility complies with all applicable Federal, state and local rules and regulations.  The facility 
employees have been trained according to all Mine Safety Health Administration guidelines.  
Employee training, maintenance activities, and hazard reviews for this facility are conducted on an 
on-going basis. 
There have been no accidents involving sulfur dioxide at this Doe Run facility with specific onsite or 
offsite consequences that have been reported within the last five years. 
The Doe Run Company, SEMO, has in place an emergency response program called the Crises 
Communication Plan.  The emergency response plan includes procedures for notification of the local 
fire authority and law enforcement officials, company officials, local political authorities, and the local 
media.  Employees have been instructed in the specific measures to be implemented at this facility in 
response to an incident involving sulfur dioxide.  Emergency response includes the evacua 
tion of the 
work place, if indicated, the use of self-contained breathing apparatus, and notification of appropriate 
company officials. 
The Doe Run Company, SEMO, will continue to reduce the hazards associated with the use and 
storage of sulfur dioxide through employee training, the use of compliance inspections and audits, 
maintenance procedure reviews, equipment testing, and cooperation with our suppliers to assure the 
safest operation possible.  The Doe Run Company, SEMO intends to make every effort to "Make 
Tomorrow Better Than Today", whether it be in the handling of materials, protecting employee and 
community health and safety, or protecting the environment.
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