Town of Mooresville Raw Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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The Town of Mooresville Water Treatment Plant is a modern facility capable of treating 6 million gallons of water per day. Chlorine is used in the treatment process for disinfection. The plant has been in operation at its present location since 1964 and underwent extensive renovations in 1997.  While remaining committed to the safety of the community and environment, we also take pride in observing the most stringent of industrial safety precautions in preventing hazards in the workplace, and operate with  fail-safe contingency plans in case of a mishap. This approach includes the following: 
I.  The latest technology in process controls and monitoring detection systems. 
In addition, extensive Process Hazard Analysis has been performed which produced the following worse- case scenario: 
A rupture of a 1 ton chlorine cylinder containing liquid chlorine. It would take 10 minutes for the cylinder too completely empty. Distance to the endpoint is 1.3 miles. 
We have procedures in place 
to prevent leaks or mishaps while performing maintenance on equipment or changing chlorine cylinders. 
Our Emergency Response Program has been perfected to produce the maximum effective impact in the least amount of time. 
I.   Dial 9ll 
2. Contact the Plant Superintendent or Chief Operator 
Planned changes because of our latest safety review include: 
I.  Research the installation of Automatic Emergency Shutdown system for the chlorine feed system
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