Chevron Chemical Company LLC - Cedar Bayou Plant - Accident History

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Accident on 1998-01-23 18:15:00

Industry (NAICS):Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing (325211)
Duration of Release:00:01:00

Release Event

Gas Release?y
Liquid Spill/Evaporation?n

Release Source

Storage Vessel:n
Process Vessel:n
Transfer Hose:n
Other Release Source:A safety system activated as designed to prevent the escalation of the release scenario, releasing the small volume of ethylene(2,000lbs) at high pressure(sig) to the atmosphere.

Weather Conditions at the Time of Event

Wind: 4 Miles an Hour blowing East North East at 48 Degrees Fahrenheit
Atmospheric Stability Class:f
Precipitation Present?n
Unknown Weather Conditions?n

On-Site Impacts

Employee or Contractor Deaths:0
Public Responder Deaths:0
Public Deaths:0
Employee or Contractor Injuries:0
Public Responder Injuries:0
Public Injuries:0
On-site Property Damage ($):0

Known Off-Site Impacts

Other Medical Treatments:0
Off-site Property Damage ($):40

Environmental Damage

Fish or Animal Kills:n
Tree, Lawn, Shrub, or Crop Damage:n
Water Contamination:n
Soil Contamination:n
Other Environmental Damage:

Initiating Event

Initiating Event:Unkown

Contributing Factors

Equipment failure:n
Human error:n
Improper procedures:n
Upset condition:n
By-pass condition:n
Maintenance activity/inactivity:n
Process design failure:n
Unsuitable equipment:n
Unusual weather condition:n
Managment error:n
Other contributing factor:A polyethylene reactor experienced a runaway reaction.

Off-site Responders Notified

Off-site Responders Notified?No, not Notified

Changes Introduced as a Result of the Accident

Improved or upgraded equipment:n
Revised maintenance:n
Revised training:n
Revised operating procedures:n
New process controls:n
New mitigation systems:n
Revised emergency response plan:n
Changed process:n
Reduced inventory:n
Other changes introduced:

Confidention Business Information

CBI claimed?n

Chemicals in Accident History

0% of 2000 lbs. of the Flammable Chemical "Ethylene [Ethene]", CAS: 74-85-1.

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