Fregien's Fertilizer Inc. - Executive Summary

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Care and caution must always be used.  Anything that looks suspisious must be approached with caution.  If there are vapors present, respirators must be used along with protective eye and body protection.  In an emergency always approach with caution turning off any valves or tripping automatice shut off devices.  Water is located near by and can be used to control vapors or small releases.  Once the immediate remides are finished and leak or release is continueing call 911 for emergency help, both police and fire.  And contact near by residents as soon as possible for evacuation, or to close windows and doors to avoid any vapors. For safty, employees and near by people must be moved to a safe location always move upwind of release.  Many accidental releases can be prevented by a simple visuale inspection.  Any parts that show wear must be reported and changed or fixed.  Most releases start with a small vapor release.  If an ammonia oder is present, a leak is likely and an inspection m 
ust be made.  Anhyrous Ammonia is an inhalation hazard so if oders are present caution must be used and proper equipment must be worn and the public moved to a safe area.  When filling the storage tank, care must be taken to insure the tank is not over filled, keep an eye on the volume gauge and presure gauge.  When filling tanks from the storage tank, care must be taken in much  the same manner as above.  making sure wheels are blocked so trailers will not roll and break away.  All fill hoses must be tight and all relief valves closed, while filling.
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