Town of Spindale, Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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In this Wastewater Treatment Facility , we handle chlorine , which is considered hazardous by EPA.  The same properties that make chlorine valuable as a commodity also make it necessary to observe certain safety precautions in handling chlorine to prevent unnecessary human exposure , to reduce the threat to our own personal health as well as that of our co-workers , and to reduce the threat to nearby members of the community .  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable Federal and State rules and regulations .  Safety depends upon the manner in which we handle chlorine , the safety devices inherent in the design of this facility , the safe handling procedures that we use , and the training of our personnel .  Our emergency response plan includes procedures for notification to the local emergency management authority , the local fire authority, and notification of any potentially affected neighbors. 
The primary purpose of this facility is to treat domestic and industrial wastewater  
from the Town of Spindale .  Chlorine is used to disinfect the wastewater in order to protect the public health and the aquatic environment from pathogenic bacteria.  Chlorine is received in 1-ton cylinders.  Access to the site is restricted to authorized facility employees , authorized management personnel , and authorized contractors.  The regulated substance handled at this wastewater treatment facility is chlorine.  The total inventory of chlorine of chlorine stored at this facility at any one time is 8000 pounds.  
The worst case scenario and alternative release scenario , including administrative controls and mitigation measures , limit the distance for each reported scenario to within the town's property lines. 
This wastewater treatment facility complies with OSHA's Process Safety Management requirements for chlorine and sulfur dioxide and has a PSM plan implemented at the facility. 
This wastewater treatment facility has not had an accidental chlorine release in the past 5 yea 
rs which caused off-site damage or injured the public , nor has any surrounding areas been evacuated .  The wastewater treatment facility's emergency response program is established with the PSM plan .  A copy of the PSM plan has been given to the local fir Department and the local emergency management coordinator . 
This wastewater treatment facility was constructed in 1969 and is in compliance with North Carolina regulations.  We continue to participate in N.C. Division of Water Quality programs , and continue to improve our operations in accordance with their and the state OSHA groups guidelines.
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