A-CMI Kentucky Casting Center - Executive Summary

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A-CMI Kentucky Casting is a manufacturer of cast aluminum automotive components located in Hawesville, Hancock County, Kentucky.  This facility maintains a bulk propane storage system.  Based on criteria specified in the Risk Management Program Rule, the source is classified as "Program II". 
There have been no incidents involving the propane system in the last five years which presented any threat of personnel or property damage on or off the site. 
The worst-case scenario for this facility, as specified in the Rule, is a release of approximately 51,000 gallons of propane within 60 seconds followed by a vapor cloud explosion with a 10 percent yield factor.  The radius of influence to 1-psi overpressure, based on the TNT-equivalency method, is 0.50 miles. 
ThIs scenario affects offsite receptors.  There are no administrative controls or mitigation measures in use that could reduce the predicted effects. 
An alternative scenario involves the failure of the backflow preventer on one tank 
to activate after filling and the fill line disconnects or ruptures.  This scenario assumes a release for 60 minutes before the manual shutoff at the tank could be closed.  Based upon Class C atmospheric conditions the flammable vapor cloud is predicted to extend only 243 yards.  This scenario affects no offsite receptors. 
Response to incidental releases (those that may be handled without invoking 29 CFR 1910.120) will be managed by A-CMI maintenance personnel.  The Hawesville Volunteer Fire Department and Hancock County Emergency Management Agency will be summoned by 911 if an incident requires more advanced techniques or equipment. 
Hazard analysis of this system is conducted as needed and preventive maintenance inspections are performed semiannually by A-CMI personnel.  There are currently no known system deficiencies and no planned changes to the current standard operating procedures or safety protocols.
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