BASF Corporation Monaca Site - Executive Summary

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Commitment to the Community 
BASF Corporation has a long tradition of operating its facilities in the safest possible manner.  BASF also believes in being a responsible corporate citizen and maintaining open, constructive dialogue with our neighbors.  These principles are an integral part of our corporate vision statement and values.  We believe that sharing this information with our neighbors makes good sense.  By doing so, we believe the community will better understand how safe and ecologically sound BASF operations are. 
BASF Corporation has the following Corporate Guidelines related to environmental, health and safety: 
7 We produce products that are safe to manufacture, use and dispose of. 
7 We assist our customers to use our products safely and in an environmentally sound manner.  We provide them with information on correct handling of our products. 
7 We minimize the impact on mankind and the environm 
ent during production, storage, transportation, marketing and use of our products. 
7 Economic considerations do not take priority over environmental protection, health and safety. 
7 An important contribution to "Sustainable Development" is our involvement in the "Responsible Care" initiative worldwide.  This applies to our products and services in all our businesses and affiliates. 
7 We are committed to making continuous improvements in safety, health and environmental protection.  We do this acting on our own initiative and in consultation with recognized regulatory authorities.  We take any action judged to be necessary, whether or not dictated by statutory obligation or official regulations. 
7 We encourage safety, environmental and health awareness among employees. 
7 We regard it as an important corporate duty to advance science and technology in order to improve safety and environmental protection. 
7 We carefully weigh the potential benefits and risks of new discoveries and technol 
ogies in dialogue with scientists and society before deciding on how to proceed. 
7 We pursue an open dialogue with all relevant opinion leaders in society.  Our goals are to promote and strengthen mutual understanding and deepen trust in what we do. 
The BASF Corporation Monaca Site implements these policies through site-specific programs and procedures. 
Facility Description 
The BASF Corporation Monaca Site uses acrylonitrile, butadiene, and vinyl acetate.  These chemicals are used to manufacture polymer dispersions.  The polymer dispersion most commonly known by the general public is the "latex" in latex paint.  Polymer dispersions are also commonly used in  products such as pressure-sensitive adhesives like those used in masking tape, building materials such as caulking and stucco, and paper coatings for such items as magazines and food cartons. 
Release Scenarios 
7 Worst Case #1 is a vapor cloud explosion with off-site impacts resulting from the release of butadiene.  Passive mi 
tigation consists of a concrete dike designed to limit the release of material. 
7 Worst Case #2 is the liquid spill and vaporization of acrylonitrile with off-site impacts.  Passive mitigation consists of a concrete dike designed to limit the release of material. 
Alternative Cases 
7 Alternative Case #1 is a jet fire with off-site impacts resulting from the release of butadiene from a hose rupture.  Active mitigation consists of an excess flow valve which closes in less than one minute in the event of a ruptured hose.   
7 Alternative Case #2 is a pipe leak of acrylonitrile with off-site impacts.   
7 Alternative Case #3 is a pipe leak of vinyl acetate with off-site impacts. 
Accidental Release Prevention Program 
To prevent accidental releases, this facility operates in compliance with the EPA Risk Management Program, the OSHA Process Safety Management standard, and the Chemical Manufacturer Association's Responsible Care Process Safety Code.  There are also separate OSHA standards fo 
r acrylonitrile and butadiene.  BASF Corporation's Monaca Site complies fully with these standards.  In addition, all raw material storage tanks and transfer activities are continuously monitored to ensure that safe conditions are maintained.   
Five Year Accident History 
This facility has had no accidental release over the past five years which meets the reporting criteria. 
Emergency Response Program 
This facility has an emergency response plan that is coordinated with the community plan.  Haz mat team members are trained and participate in drills regularly.   
Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
Facility processes are routinely changed to improve safety as a result of employee suggestions, process hazard analyses, incident investigations, and other feedback opportunities.  Projects are underway to further automate the manufacturing process to improve monitoring and control.
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