Alamo Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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The city of Alamo in it's continued concern for the safety of all the public. Puts forward this plan concerning an accidental  release of chlorine from our water treatment facility.  The facility is located at 320 south 9th street. Our facilty has never had an accidental release of any chemical, but we must be prepared. Our plan consistsof several phases, first and most important is the prevention of any release from our facility.  Prevention is accomplished through training and the twenty four hour manning of our facilty.  Also the maintenance of the facilty  is such that no accidental leak has ever occurred.  In our plan the fire department, the police department and city staff also play important rolls  if and when  a release occurrs.  Rolls such as warning,evacuating,and stablizing the release ,and  returning everything back to normal are very important.  All our planning is on going and changes are always made to asure that problems will not arise due to an accidental release of c 
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