Aero Farm Chemical - Executive Summary

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Our policies focus on preventing any accidental release of the ammonia stored at the facility. We regularly update equipment that may become worn or damaged and cause a release. Our employees are trained to monitor equipment and look for areas that may need to be repaired or replaced. The storage tank is fitted with a series of safety shut-off valves to help minimize a release. 
There is one house inside the estimated endpoint, but is out of line with the prevailing winds for the area. Contact can easily be made with the other residents in the area to insure prompt evacuation if necessary. Although the situation has never arisen that such actions should take place.  
First aid is available on site with each employee being trained in what to do in the event of a person being exposed to ammonia through dermal, respiratory, or ocular exposures.  
Our facility handles ammonia for use as a fertilizer. We keep approximately 40,000 pounds at any one time in a large storage tank.  From the stora 
ge tank we fill smaller 1000gal tanks to be taken and applied by the farmer. Our storage tank is shut off for most of the year, due to the minimal use for several months out of the year.  
In the event of an accidental release there is one house within the end point, and no parks or other public recreation areas close to the facility. 
We have had no accidents in the past five years, or releases above threshold.  
In the case of an accidental release employees are close to location and can be contacted by emergency contact numbers posted at the facility.
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