Alameda Chemical & Scientific of Newbury Park - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
Alameda Chemical & Scientific, Inc. (AC&S) is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and operates under  "The Responsible Distribution Process".  This process requires each member company to have an active program designed to continuously improve safety and reduce incidents.  The AC&S Risk Management Program contains the policies, procedures and level of readiness defining AC&S approach to chemical safety.  
We belief the risks to employees and the surrounding community are minimal to none, given the sophistication of our facility; the training given our employees; and our operating procedures and policies.  These include the following: 
* Emergency preparedness; Evacuation plans; Community Right-To-Know Notification; and Local/State/Federal Agency Notifications 
* Hazard assessment program 
* Compliance Auditing 
* Operate under State/Federal OSHA, US DOT and EPA guidelines 
* On-Site Hazwoper Team 
* Backup 24 hr emergency response 
release prevention and emergency response policy 
AC&S approach to chemical safety is based on zero tolerance.  Our training, readiness and facilities all contribute to safe operations.  Our Risk Management Program is designed to protect human health and the environment.  All materials brought into the AC&S facility are evaluated for safe storage and compatibility. 
Resources utilized during the evaluation include: 
* NFPA rating 
* Uniform Building Codes for storage requirements 
* Uniform Fire Codes for storage requirements 
* California Accidental Release Prevention Program guidelines 
* EPA Toxic Substances Control Act guidelines 
* USDOT Hazmat Transportation Training guidelines 
Senior management commitment to safety is demonstrated through the resources made available to ensure a safe operation.  These resources include a commitment to become ISO 9002 certified this year.  This program will drive our continuous improvement efforts in all areas of the operation by formalizing our corre 
ctive action system and training documentation.  AC&S has adopted the concept of Product Stewardship; Community Outreach; and Emergency Response and Public Preparedness. 
Facility Description 
AC&S located at 1161 Avenida Acaso in Camarillo, CA.  is a chemical warehouse and distribution company serving the microelectronics, biotechnology and specialty industries. The 15,000 sq. ft.  building is in full compliance with the 1994 Uniform Building and Fire Codes for storage of hazardous materials.  The hazardous operation study included structural and seismic upgrades of the original building.  A water sprinkler system is plumbed throughout the building as well as, an aqueous film forming foam system in the flammable and combustible storage areas. 
Hydrochloric acid 37%, Hydrofluoric acid 49% and Nitric Acid 70% are the only regulated substances stored onsite. Although quantities may vary at any one time, expected quantities on hand would be 4,472 lbs of HCL; 2,986 lbs of HF and 6,203 lbs  
of Nitric. 
The worst case release scenario(s) and the alternative release scenario(s) 
The following are considered the only plausible scenarios given are safety procedures and facility inspections. These also represent the worst case volumes based on the largest packaging configuration and exceeding the threshold reporting quantity stored at AC&S for that substance. 
Air Temperature: 77 (        Wind Speed: 3-7 mph 
* Hydrochloric acid, 37%, CAS 7647-01-0 
A 10 lb. jug is leaking into the contained and bermed 2,500 sq. ft. H-7 corrosive storage area.  Release rate to outside air is .00500 pounds per min. The estimated distance traveled by toxic plume is 0.2 miles. 
* Hydrofluoric acid, 49%, CAS 7664-39-3 
A 10 lb. polyethylene bottle is leaking into the contained and bermed 42,390 sq. ft. corrosive storage area.  Release rate to outside air is 0.000804 pounds per min.  The estimated distance traveled by toxic plume is 0.1 miles. 
* Nitric Acid, 70% CAS 7697-37-2 
A 7 lb. galss bottle is leak 
ing into the contained and bermed 4,500 sq. ft. H-7 Oxidizer storage area. Release rate to outside air is 0.000614 pounds per minute.  The estimated distance traveled by toxic plume is 0.2 miles. 
The general accidental release prevention and chemical specific prevention steps 
The training given each employee is developed from the guidelines established by OSHA, EPA, U.S. DOT and company policies.  All State and Federal Health, Safety and Environmental regulations pertaining to our business are monitored daily. 
Our Hazardous Materials Business Plan, Risk Management Prevention Program and Risk Management Plan are all filed with the County of Ventura Environmental Health Services, Fires Services, Hazardous Materials Division and Office of Emergency Services.   
Five year accident history 
There have been no accidental releases in the last 5 years. 
The emergency response program 
Onsite hazardous waste operations team (Hazwoper), has been established for emergency preparedness, hazardou 
s materials spills and evacuation and contingency plan procedures.  MSE Environmental located across the street from our facility has been contracted for 24 hr. emergency response service as a backup to facilities Hazwoper team. 
In the event of an imminent health risk to employees an emergency evacuation plan will be activated.  Emergency response Hazwoper team members will notify the local fire department as well as community right to know notification, if surrounding area is in danger, the California Emergency Response Commission and the National Emergency Response Center will be contacted thus activating the local emergency broadcasting service notification to the public. 
Planned changes to improve safety 
Our improved corrective action system will contribute to the continuous improvement of daily operations identifying opportunities for additional training and/or additional resources required to meet business and safety objectives.
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