Tamaqua Wastewater Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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This is to explain that by complying with the RMP Clean Air Act Section 112(r)(7) the following information is available in our plan either in one phase or another.  The regulated stationary substance we are dealing with at our facility is no more than 3 tons of chlorine (3-1 ton cylinders). 
The following elements of this program can be found in our Emergency Response Plan.  This plan has been developed in conjunction with local and county emergency responders and EMA officials.  Listed in the plan are accidental, worste case, alternate releases. 
As far as mitigating factors and administration controls, this information can be found in either the provention program or our standard operating procedures which are also found in this section. 
We are proud to report that we have had no accidents or reportable releases at our facility in its history. 
Safety is always a priority at our facility.  Planned changes to compliment our safety programs are already in place, and the implementation of 
this plan will continue our success in safety.  Our operators are continuing their knowledge and are constantly using safety courses and seminars pertaining to our operation, as well as in house training to meet our safety goals.
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