G & R Grain and Feed, Inc. - Executive Summary

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    We at G & R Grain and Feed, Inc. have a stationary anhydrous ammonia facility for sale to agricultural producers.  We have in place an accidental release prevention and emergency policy.  We have had no anhydrous ammonia accident history since installation of the anhydrous plant.  In the summer of 1999 we will be installing an anhydrous ammonia unload riser bulk head to further the safety of unloading tanker truck loads of anhydrous ammonia at our facility.  G & R Grain and Feed, Inc. participates in the North Dakota Grain Dealers Safety and Health Inspection program on a bi-annual basis, which includes individual training of employees.  We have planned for and have coordinated with local emergency responders to adequately respond to all accidental releases with preceive may occur from a simple hose break to the release of the entire contents of the single largest tank.     Chet Pollert, General Manager  6-16-99
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