Sysco Food Services of Central Florida - Executive Summary

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We are located at 200 West Story Road, Ocoee, Florida.  The facility is 350,000 square feet.  SYSCO Food Services of Central Florida is a food distributor.  We distribute food; dry,cooler and freezer.   We use anhydrous ammonia for refrigerant.  We carry a maximum of 12.497 pounds at any given time.  Sysco Central Florida employs 7 Hazardous Material Technitions who are trained in dealing with potential problems that can arrise from anhydrous ammonia accidental releases.  We currently operate under Process Safety Management guidelines and each have had 32 hours of individual training.  Our facility trains with the Ocoee Fire Department on an annual basis to insure coordination within the two elements.  The worst case scenario of release of NH3 would be if the receiver vessel would rupture due to high pressure this would result in about 1,000 pounds of NH3 to spill and vaporize off.  The possibility of this to occur is very slim out side of an aircraft crash into the motor room.  The R 
eceiver is protected by high pressure relief valves and high level alarms.  If a release of this size would accure we have ample water and storm drains in the motor room that we could wash the NH3 into the drains that are on our property.  The drains have water in them year round due to the high ground water level in Florida.  As a precaution, we would still use 1/4 mile as an end point due to winds that are in this area.  The second scenario would happen if one of the pumper drums would burst or be damaged by an outside source.  This would result in about 100 pounds of NH3 to spill out and vaporize.  As mentioned above, this could be controlled by the water and drains in the room. The refrigeration system at our facility is operated at low pressures and does not exceed 190 pounds on the condenser side, the main piping is operated at 25 and 8 pounds and is monitored 24 hours a day.  Sysco Food Services of Central Florida has had no releases of NH3 since we have been at this location 19 
88 - 1999.   NO ACCIDENTS.  Our planned changes for improvement will consist of additional training of personel and equipment that we have on site.  The City of Ocoee Fire Deptartment will also train with us on an annual  basis. We are members of IIcar and will continue to improve in the safe operation of our facility.
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