The Turkey Store Company, Faribault Plant location - Executive Summary

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The Turkey Store Company Faribault facility Accidental Release Prevention Policy involves a unified approach that integrates technologies, procedures and management practices.  All applicable procedures of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Prevention Program are adhered to.  The Turkey Store Company Emergency Response Policy involves an on-site fully-trained emergnecy response team who coordinated with local fire departments and the Local Emergency Planning Commission. 
The Turkey Store Company is a fully integrated turkey processing company.  At the Faribault Plant we have an ammonia refrigeration system that contains 43,000 pounds of liquid anhydrous ammonia.  The refrigeration system cools the processing areas and meat storage areas.  The system includes compressors, cooling and freezing units, condensors, and associated valves and piping. 
The first scenario is defined by EPA, which states that "the owner or operator shall assume the...maximum quantity in the largest released as a gas over 10 minutes," due to an unspecified failure.  Our worst-case scenario is failure of the largest vessel, a 13,000 pound ammonia receiver located on the north side of the plant outside the ammonia compressor room.  The worst-case scenario as defined by EPA assumes a wind speed of 3.4 miles/hour, atmospheric stability class F, and air temperature of 77 degrees F.  Under these defined conditions the extimated distance to toxic endpoint is miles.  There are off-site consequences to this scenario. 
The alternative scenario is defined as "more likely to occur than the worst-case scenario".  We used the process hazard analysis to pick the alternative scenario.  This is a forklift strikeng and breaking an ammonia pipe going to a cooling unit in a processing area.  In this scenario, the estimated distance to toxic endpoint is miles.  There are also off-site consequences to this scenario. 
The general Turkey Store Company accidental release prevention program is 
based on OSHA's Process Safety Management Program and we are in full compliance.  Our program has the following key elements: 
1.  High level of training of the refrigeration system operators. 
2.  Preventative maintenance program 
3.  Use of up-to-date process and safety equipment 
4.  Use of accurate and effective operating procedures, written with the participation of the operators. 
5.  Performance of a hazard review of equipment and procedures. 
6.  Implementation of an auditing and inspection program. 
Chemical-specific prevention steps include availability of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), that can be worn by the operators during response to leak, awareness of the hazardous and toxic properties of ammonia, ahe the presence of ammonia detectors. 
There have been no accidental releases of ammonia at the facility in the past five years. 
The facility has a fully trained on-site Emergency Response Team and a written Emergency Response Program that is updated annually.  Our pro 
gram is coordinated with the local fire department and Emergency Planning committee.  Emergency response drills and scenarios are conducted annually. 
We have made changes to improve safety as a result of our Process Hazard Analysis.  There are no major changes planned at this time.
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