Oak Farms Dairy - Dallas - Executive Summary

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The Oak Farms Process Safety Management Program and Risk Management Plan were prepared in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.119, "Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals", and 40 CFR 112(r)(7), "Accidental Release Prevention: Risk Management Plan". 
The facility is known as Oak Farms Dairy, located at 1114 North LancasterAvenue in Dallas, Texas.  The facility uses an extensive refrigeration system as it processes and packages fluid milk.  This system utilizes anhydrous ammonia, the sole regulated substance under the aforementioned regulations. 
Releases are prevented by a combination of engineering and administrative controls, proactive management practices and employee involvement.  Preventive maintenance includes regular inspection, repair and replacement of system components.  Annual training maintains awareness of non-response employees and readiness of the facility response team.  Automated detection and shutdown controls are augmented by manual isolation procedures. 
rst case and alternate scenarios were prepared to determine possible off site impacts.  The worst case model predicted a toxic endpoint of 1.5 miles.  The alternate scenario produced and endpoint of approximately 700 yards. 
Written emergency response procedures are rehearsed semi-annually.  Response equipment is inspected and inventoried regularly.   
Planned changes to improve safety include regular review and updates of facility plans and programs, a well maintained training program, and system upgrades.
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